About Us

Legal Prep will offer a free, legal-themed, college preparatory education to 800 students in an under-resourced Chicago community.


Legal Prep is an open enrollment school – students are not required to take any tests to gain admission to Legal Prep.  Any current eighth grade student in the city of Chicago is invited to submit an application.  If more students apply than we have room for, Legal Prep will hold a blind lottery to determine who will be invited to attend.  Students with special needs are invited to apply.

Teaching staff

Legal Prep is recruiting top educators from Chicago and across the country to provide our students for college success.  The Legal Prep team is united in its belief that every Legal Prep student is college-bound.  Legal Prep teachers will have experience achieving impressive student growth in their previous classrooms.

Course Progression

CLICK HERE to download a listing of the courses that will be available for students.

Extra Curricular Activities

Legal Prep will offer over a broad range of athletics, clubs, and after school programs.  Legal Prep will field teams to compete in soccer, basketball, volleyball, lacrosse, baseball, softball and other sports in which the students express an interest.  Dance, spoken word/poetry, theatre, yearbook, mock trial, debate, model U.N., and student government clubs will be offered to make sure students have a wide range of extra-curricular activities options.

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